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Manufacturing – Quick Links

For people who don’t want to be at a desk all day, manufacturing can be a wonderful opportunity. Taking materials and transforming them into something useful has its own rewards and the variety of positions range from production to quality to marketing to finance. Maybe your next opportunity is in Manufacturing!

Financial Services – Quick Links

Do you love money? Financial Services careers allow you to help people manage their finances, assets, and lower the risk of bad things happening to them. If you like to help people and talk about money, a career in Financial Services may be for you!

Healthcare Quick Links

If COVID has taught us anything, it is that healthcare is vital to the wellbeing of everyone. And healthcare careers go beyond helping patients, directly. Healthcare workers could be in research, equipment management, logistics, and more. Want to keep people healthy? Check out careers in Healthcare!

Education Quick Links

Every kid knows their own experience going through the K-12 school systems, but education goes even beyond that. You know what teachers, principals, and custodians do, but do you know what curriculum specialists or educational technologists do? If you like helping people learn, the education field may be for you!

Professional Services

Service companies fulfill important needs of their clients. That can be anything from attorneys helping clients with contracts or court cases to helping people find jobs. Typically these roles involve working with clients so if you like working with people, this may be the right field for you!

Real Estate and Construction Quick Links

Designing a building, building it, making it work for the people who will live or work there, connecting it with the right end user, and so much more goes into the real estate and construction field. Most of these are not desk jobs so if you like being up and around and possibly outside, check out the jobs in Real Estate and Construction!

Retail and Hospitality Quick Links

Most of us are familiar with jobs in retail, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues. But did you know there are actual careers in those fields? If you like making people happy, this could be the field for you! Check out careers in retail and hospitality.

Technology & Utilities Quick Links

Name an industry that isn’t based in technology today – bet you can’t! Agriculture is using high tech, GPS-driven tractors to increase yields from fields, your refrigerator can tell you what you need from the store, and it all runs on electricity! Careers in technology can be found everywhere but these companies are focused only on tech and utilities. See if your career awaits!

Non-Profit Quick Links

Non-profit doesn’t mean the organization doesn’t make money, but it does mean it isn’t the main focus. Non-profits must be self-sustaining and are dedicated to a mission of helping a particular cause. Think you might want to work in that world? Check out these organizations!